ITW Fastex NZ’s Taps and Fitments used on bag in the box and rigid container applications are world renown for quality and reliability. From the challenges that come from industrial chemicals to the critical hygiene and aseptic requirements of the food industry, the product range has the requirements covered. This success is supported by a dedicated product development team focused on providing solutions to the market.  


The stylish Unitap lifts aseptic and non-aseptic packaging to a whole new level. This revolutionary self closing tap with a visible angled outlet has been designed with the consumer in mind. From critical aseptic and hot-fill applications in the food industry to industrial chemicals, the Unitap will lift the profile of your brand.
Mini Tru-Seal Tap  
The Mini Tru-Seal tap is the smallest in the Tru-Seal family of dispensers. This valve is suitable for food and chemical applications and is the industry standard for bag in the box wine in New Zealand.
Tru-Seal Mk5 
The Tru-Seal MK5 Tap was initially developed for bag in the box wine. The Mk5 is a very robust design and is used extensively in industrial chemical and food related applications. The Mk5 tap can be supplied with an optional security tab.
Tru-Seal Mk5 Extended   
The Mk5 Extended tap is ideal where you need to connect onto a dispensing line or there is a requirement for directing the flow. This tap is also used extensively in industrial chemical and food related industries.
Tru-Seal Maxi Std
The Standard maxi is the largest dispenser in the Tru-Seal family. It is ideally suited for a high flow or where you are dealing with high viscosity products. This part is used extensively in food services (institutional) and automotive lubricants.
Tru-Seal Maxi Flow      
The Maxi Flow dispenser was designed to offer a a more compact design than the standard maxi, but maintain the high flow characteristics. This product is suitable for the industrial chemical and food related liquid products with high viscosity
The Lever Tap is a fresh design which is suitable in the chemical and food related market. With an attractive appeal it is suited to stylish packaging. Key liquid packs suited to this dispenser include coffee, tea, water and fruitjuice.
The Slide Tap is an attractive dispenser.  Its horizontal action offers ergonomic advantages. This tap has a rapid shut-off at the outlet and is suited the industrial chemical and food related industries.
PMV Connector
The PMV connector and valve is a unique quick action connector system. This is ideal for post-mix and vending machine type applications’ and can be used in chemical and food based products. The connector can be supplied in both single and double barb.
Tru-Seal Drum Adaptor
The Tru-Seal Drum Adaptor provides the ability to couple the Tru-Seal range of dispensers to a drum or rigid container which has a standard 3/4" BSP thread. 
Tru-Seal Cap     
The Tru-Seal Cap offers a snap-on closure that can be re-applied. This is a low-cost closure that can snap-fit to the standard Tru-Seal spout range. 
Tru-Seal Plug
The Tru-Seal Plug is much like the cap offers a low cost closure that can also snap-fit to the standard Tru-Seal spout. The Tru-Seal plug is designed to protrude into the spout.
Tru Seal Tube Cap    
The Tru-Seal Tube Cap was initially developed for the Dairy Industry. A dispensing tube can be inserted through the cap to draw the liquid from the flexible liner.
Pierce Cap & Plug
The Pierce Cap & Plug has a unique piercing action designed to rupture a membrane when the tube is moved to the upright position. A tube can be easily applied to the nozzle if required.