Animal Identification

  The ITW Fastex rural livestock tagging (Kenmor) and domestic animal identification tagging system is the first choice for many users within New Zealand. The Kenmor tag is supported by a strong network of rural traders which combined have in excess of 150 distribution outlets across New Zealand  


Kenmor Tag The Kenmor tag is an industry standard in the identification of livestock. The range comes in a broad number of colour variations and are “hot foil stamped, making them clearly legible. Stamping is typically number sequential with the stock/farm name alongside   
Kenmore Tag
Kenmor Applicator  The Kenmor Applicator is a die-cast unit which is used for manually applying the Kenmor tags to the animal.    
Kenmore Applicator 
Dog Registration Tag The Dog Registration Strap has a unique design feature allowing it to fasten against itself, negating the need for a split-ring.  This strap is used extensively for pet identification in both New Zealand and Australia. This strap can be “hot foil stamped” to reflect your company/council logo with the sequential numbering.   
Dog Registration Tag
Pet tag The Pet Tags are the smallest of the tags. These are used in conjunction with a stainless steel split-ring.  
Pet Tag
Small Discs The “Small Disc” is a traditional style pet identification tag. This tag is used in conjunction with a stainless steel split-ring. These are hot foil stamped to reflect your company/council log, with sequential numbering on the same surface.  
Small Discs