ITW Fastex has developed a comprehensive range of fastening systems used in automotive, furniture and general engineering. This has been the result of years of being a key solution provider to a broad range of industries.   


Xmas  Trees An extremely versatile fastener designed to hold two or more panels together, particularly where the final panel has a blind hole. Christmas Tree Clips are available in a large range of head styles and sizes, and foot lengths to suit most applications.

Plasti Rivets Designed to permanently lock two or more panels together, Plasti Rivets are available in a range of sizes to cater for most fastening applications. If removal becomes necessary, the pin may be driven through the rivet after which the grommet can be prised out. A replacement fastener is then required for re-assembly.

Plasti Rivets
Canoe Clips A simple replacement for screws and rivets. The clips snap into round holes securely holding in metal, plastic and a variety of materials. Canoe Clips are ideal for lightweight panel fastening and similar applications.

Canoe Clips
Hole plugs These fittings are designed to attractively cover unwanted holes in panels and are easily applied by hand.

Hole Plugs
Grommets A one piece, snap in, self-retaining blind screw receptacle, which spreads load and insulates at the fastening points. Easy to use and eliminates cross threading.

Furniture Screw Caps The furniture screw cap is a simple way of concealing a screw head. This is used on all styles of furniture and some industrial applications where appearance matters.  
Furniture Screw Cap
Cable Clips Available in a range of sizes depending on the number and type of cable that require routing. The clip snaps easily into a prepared hole and provides for secure retention and easy removal of cords and wires.

Cable Clips
Wallmate The Wallmate is a self-drilling plasterboard anchor which provides a strong and secure fixing point to plasterboard, without the need for pre-drilling or locating of studs.  
Wall Mate