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  ITW Fastex has pioneered many of the standard buckles used in the market-place today. With a very strong emphasis on quality and performance, the ITW Fastex buckle range is the recommended choice when performance matters. The wide-ranging use of the ITW Fastex buckles by the Australian and New Zealand Dept of Defence is a testimony of the reliability. Major manufacturers of floatation devices also use the ITW buckles.

Single Ladder Lock
Double Ladder Lock
Single Ladder Lock Configuration
Double Ladderlock Configuration

SR - Trovato The Trovato Side Release (TSR) Buckle features the patented Slick Click latching mechanism, which permits quick release. The TSR-38 and TSR-50 have contoured profiles for use on curved surfaces in both the single and dual Ladderloc versions, for maximum webbing grip while allowing smooth and easy adjustment.  
SR Trovato Range
SR - Classic The Fastex "Classic" style of side release buckle has stood the test of time. Meticulously engineered to provide superior strength the "Classic" style buckle is still the preferred shape used by the Dept of Defence and a number of semi-military or government style organizations.  
SR Classic Range
Carabina Hook The moulded Carabina or Shock Cord Hook & Bush is rust and corrosion proof and being a totally moulded unit, the traditional metal crimp ring is eliminated. The fastening method securely grips shock cord whilst the slip ring conceals the end of the shock cord providing a neat finish.  
Glove Hook While this small hook was designed to be fixed to a glove. The versatile design has allowed this clip to be used in a multitude of applications.  
Glove Hook
Barreloc Along with the traditional Large and Small Barreloc, ITW Fastex now offers an Ellipse and "Toaster" Ellipse Barreloc. The Ellipse Barreloc’s boast a patented hole alignment feature that eliminates the process of manually compressing the closure to thread the cord.  
Wedge 63 Like the tri-glides, the wedge adjuster allows for adjustment of the webbing. Its uniques wedge design provides a means of dividing and gathering the webbing.  
Strap Dividers Strap Dividers allow you to form a convenient cross section between two preces of webbing.  
Strap Divider 
Whistle This non-corrosive whistle emits a high-pitched sound that is significantly louder than a conventional ball whistle. This patented whistle may be used either with a lanyard or clipped directly onto an application. The whistle can by run in black, yellow and orange.  
D-Rings ITW Fastex we can offer a collection of loops and D-rings to provide a variety of webbing connection points from 19mm to 50mm. Looplocs and D-rings are ideal for holding straps or webbing where no adjustment is needed  
D Rings
Camlok Camlok Buckles provide an easy-to-use and easy-to-adjust means of securing webbing. The locking lever traps the webbing to prevent unintentional slippage.  
Tri-Glide The Tri-Glide strap adjuster provides length adjustment on strap assemblies. The Tri-Glides grip webbing securely and work well in combination with other buckles as a means of securing loose webbing. The Tri-Glides are available in many sizes and styles to accommodate an assortment of webbing widths and thicknesses.  
Ladderloc Ladderloc adjustment buckles are the most versatile buckles, allowing easy, one-handed release or tightening of webbing and straps. All Ladderlocs have been designed to minimise slippage of the webbing while allowing smooth and easy tightening.  
Sail Shackle Sail Shackles are often used to secure a slug or slide to the sail. The shackle snaps in place (no screw required) and is very strong. This shackle is also commonly used to fix shade cloth to tie wire.  
Sail Shackle